Mobile Classes

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class GirlsKitchen Kid is the original mobile culinary school for kids and families in Los Angeles. We believe in the power of food and relish in its ability to unite people at the table and in the kitchen. When Kitchen Kid comes to your home, we provide all the ingredients and supplies for a delicious culinary adventure. We shop, set-up, and clean-up, leaving the cooking fun and tasty dining to you!

Kitchen Kid wants to expand the culinary horizons of your children and introduce them to nutritious foods they may find surprisingly delicious! We also want them to have fun cooking and love eating what they’ve created. Because of this, every Kitchen Kid menu is custom designed to meet the needs and tastes of your family. Contact us for pricing and details.  For information about upcoming workshops and classes scheduled at kitchens throughout Los Angeles, please visit our camp page here.

A Sample of Our In-Home Classes

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class Boy with Pizza

Growing Up Gourmet Culinary Classes

Soccer, piano, karate… and cooking! Help your children develop this lifelong, tasty, and fun skill while cultivating healthy habits for many years to come. Lessons reinforce academic skills, expand your child’s palate, and increase kitchen proficiency for budding Batalis and eager Inas. These classes are also great for those young chefs wishing to learn special holiday recipes.  Our classes are designed to accommodate 1-5 young chefs and are approximately 2 hours long.  

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class Tot Chef

Tot Chef Cook-Group

Invite your play-group to participate in this hands-on and delicious parent-child activity for children ages 3-5. Learn about cooking and nutrition alongside your children, setting the stage for this teamwork to become a frequent and convenient part of meal preparation. Our popular Books for Cooks course is also a great class for preschool playgroups. Enrichment Courses

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class What's for Dinner

What’s For Dinner?

A dinnertime culinary class for the whole family! Take part in a delicious evening when children and parents work together to taste new flavors, improve their kitchen skills, and cook-up lifelong memories! At the end, you’ll enjoy that lost tradition of sharing dinner around the table!

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class Mom's Night Off

Mom’s Night Off

Parents, head out for the night! Leave your children at home to cook themselves a fantastic dinner while you enjoy a movie, dinner out, or night on the town.

Kitchen Kid Mobile Class Feed My Family

Feed my Family!

Are you having dinner deja vu? These interactive culinary workshops are perfect for any group of parents looking to spice up their dinner routine with healthy, delicious, easy, and family friendly recipes. Ideal for PTO, moms’ clubs, and other parents’ groups!