Kitchen Kid CIT Program

Welcome to Kitchen Kid Summer Camp! We’re excited to have you join our culinary team! As a Chef-In-Training, you will work alongside your chef instructor each day helping with tasks such as gathering supplies, preparing mise en place, assisting in teaching younger chefs proper culinary techniques, and assisting with mini lessons.  Each day you will learn tips and tools and by Friday you’ll be ready to instruct your very own small group! Below is an outline of the day-to-day tasks. We’re here to help you teach, cook, and learn, so please let us know if you have questions.  Happy cooking!

Hours/Cost (Half-day sessions): 8:45am-12:15pm or 12:45pm-4:15pm; $285

Hours/Cost (Full-day sessions): 8:45am-3:15pm; $340

Locations:  South Pasadena, Santa Monica, and both South Bay locations (CIT program is not available for our Beverly Hills programs)

Ages:  Our CITs are young people entering 9th – 12 grades who have a love of cooking and learning!

Mini Lessons

  • Monday: knife skills
  • Tuesday: kitchen equipment / measuring
  • Wednesday: farmers market intro / secret ingredient reveal
  • Thursday: fresh herb taste test
  • Friday: prep place cards for buffet line

Morning Responsibilities

  • Lay out aprons and cookbooks
  • Set up drink stations
  • Gather materials and set up for mini lesson of the day
    • Monday: layout knives and cutting boards
    • Tuesday: layout kitchen equipment such as sauté pan, sauce pan, whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, peeler, spatula, turner, etc
    • Wednesday: facilitate game of 20 questions to relay secret ingredient
    • Thursday: assist in passing out herbs
    • Friday: assign chefs menu items for buffet line (based on sheet provided by chef instructor) and have chefs create and decorate place cards

Small Group Responsibilities

  • Assist chef instructor in teaching proper culinary techniques to younger chefs
  • Participate in recipe creation
  • Spearhead cleaning dishes with younger chefs throughout the day

Afternoon Responsibilities

  • Gather aprons
  • Wipe down tables
  • Clean drink stations and help clean remaining dishes, if time allows
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