Restaurant Camp on KCRW’s Good Food!

Our brand new Restaurant Camp is featured this week on Evan Kleinman’s Good Food show on KCRW! Listen here!  This group of exceptional young chefs at the Santa Monica camp launched a sushi restaurant, “Yum Yum Yum Sushi”, that served an impressive Mt Fuji lava cake, and a Southern comfort restaurant, “Road House”, serving a deep fried burger with green bean “fries”! And in Manhattan Beach, the chefs created “Sugar Coma” a dessert themed diner, and “Phillinese”, a fusion restaurant featuring an eclectic mix of Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese dishes that showcased the heritage of the restaurant’s founders.

Italian? Fresh + Local? Tapas? What will our next group of young chefs dream up during the upcoming weeks of Restaurant Camp? Join us July 30 in Beverly Hills, and August 6 in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach and be part of the fun!

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