NEW! Farmers Market and Restaurant Series begin soon!

Kitchen Kid is excited to announce two brand-new series beginning this January in Manhattan Beach: Farmer’s Market Cooking Class and My Own Restaurant! Both series are after-school drop off classes at the Neptunian Woman’s Club in Manhattan Beach.

Farmer’s Market Series:

In this delicious class, young chefs explore the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market each week to shop seasonally and locally. Chefs truly embody the “farm to table” culinary experience, getting to know local farmers and seasonal ingredients. After hand-picking the freshest produce, chefs return to our kitchen to cook up delicious eats! The series teaches basic culinary skills and emphasizes recipes that are healthy and fun. Winter recipes may include Meyer lemon risotto, roasted chicken with caramelized root vegetables, and persimmon cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.
Tuesdays: 1/24 – 3/20, 3:30pm – 5pm
Click here for complete details and to register.   

My Own Restaurant Series:

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to start and operate restaurant? At Kitchen Kid’s brand new “My Own Restaurant” series, budding chefs, entrepreneurs, artists, and young restaurant enthusiasts will launch their very own restaurant! Students are immersed in every step of the process: from picking a name, choosing the theme (50’s diner or fancy French?), designing the decor, writing the menu, and creating, cooking, and serving the signature dish. Series features a special kitchen & restaurant tour, and conversation with the owner, of the acclaimed MB Post!  On the last day of the series, parents are invited to enjoy the restaurant’s “opening night”! Each week, student chefs learn about the restaurant process, work on their restaurant project, and cook several delicious recipes.
Wednesdays: 1/25-3/21, 3:30-5pm
Click here for complete details and to register.   

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