Same ol’ Veggies + Fun New Twist = “More Cabbage, Please!”

Veggies on Bagel PhotoSome may call the combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded lettuce, sprouts, and carrots a salad. But paired with a bagel in Kitchen Kid’s after-school enrichment “Books for Cooks” class, it’s aptly called a Brown Bear Bagel Face. (Even if these bears look more like a team of crazy bearded clowns with whiskers.)

After an animated reading of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, this class of kindergartners got right to work adding cabbage eyebrows, egg yolk eyeballs, and shredded carrot beards to their sprouted whole wheat bagels. The 5-year olds loved being so creative with these unlikely art supplies. Veggies on Bagel Photo

Better yet, they loved eating them. Every. last. bite. Even a mom told me, “I never knew bagels with vegetables could taste so good.” This was the perfect after-school snack for these budding young chefs, who discovered red peppers really are sweet, and how kids can be real chefs ‘chopping’ them up with tiny craft scissors. The bagel’s complex carbs boosted their energy level, and the kids were well on their way to eating enough fruits and veggies to meet the recommended 5-a day.

Veggies on Bagel PhotoBut don’t worry, kids don’t need to create artistic masterpieces every time you want them to eat their vegetables. It only takes one delicious Bagel Face for them to discover how tasty and crunchy veggies can be. The next time, your kids might be plenty content eating them straight from their plate…


Recipe: Brown Bear Bagel Faces
1 whole wheat bagel, halved
2 tbsp cream cheese
1 hard-boiled egg, sliced or crumbled
Assorted crunchy, tasty, and nutritious vegetables, (chopped into appropriately-sized facial features) such as: shredded carrots, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, purple cabbage, and black olives


  1. seth barnburner says:

    That looks like it could be made on Top Chef!

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