They’ll Even Eat Radishes

RadishesThere’s been a lot of research lately which suggests children involved in preparing their own meals are far more likely to cultivate a diverse and nutritious palate.

Of course, those of us who cook with children don’t need fancy studies to prove this. We see it every day. Like when a self-proclaimed salad hater devours his “Let-Us Rap” romaine leaf, stuffed with dried fruits and nuts, and quickly makes a second.

Today’s New York Times has gone ahead and called “sending children out of the kitchen during meal time [to be one of] the most common food mistakes parents make”. In fact, parents who choose to make dinner in the cloak of secrecy are actually doing their children a considerable disservice. In this latest study from Teachers College, children who learned to prepare their own whole grains and vegetables were even more likely to choose those same foods in the cafeteria. Yup, bitter radishes included.

So don’t get stuck as a short-order cook, get cooking with your kids today.


  1. anudivya says:

    Hey, first time here, lovely blog.
    I have been wanting to make gnocchi for a long time, those pics make me wanna try.

  2. Kitchen Kid says:

    Thanks for reading anudivya! Making gnocchi is fun… but indeed a bit of work! Good luck.

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