30 Meals in 30 Days

Cooki Magazine Cover 146Cookie Magazine’s online community really is “all that’s best for your family.” From baby strollers to beauty tips and exercise to entertaining, it’s a one-stop, content-rich source for all things family. Though I am easily distracted by the “Do-Everything-Better Guides” (who wouldn’t be lured by such a claim?) I of course visit the site for creative new ideas in the kitchen.

A must-read for any mom in the “What’s For Dinner???” or “Feed My Family.. NOW!” slump, is Jenny Rosenstrach’s article 30 Meals in 30 Days, where: “A mother of two sets out to expand her kids’ palates, break out of a rut, and ultimately rediscover a small part of her old self.”
My favorite part of the article is the week-by-week analysis and links for each new recipe. Rosenstrach offers helpful tips for advanced preparation, heads-up on the number of dirty dishes, viable substitutions for picky-eaters, and provides her family’s report-card style rating.
If you’re family’s been gorging on grilled cheese, instead of Growing Up Gourmet, this is one article to read before your next trip to the store.

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